Beach Wedding Bouquet Selection
This is a sample of some of the commonly selected bouquets, each one specifically made for each bride.
Remember heat is a factor at beach weddings in Florida.  
Some types of flowers do not withstand the heat and humidity.

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Includes Bird of Paradise, antherium, orchids, lilies, greenery. The exact flower combination varies based on what flowers are available throughout the year.
Available in many colors:
White, Red, Pink, Yellow, Sterling, Orange.
Long stem and no-greenery options available as well.

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Rose & Lily
Many rose colors to choose from and several different lillies including stargazer, starfighter, calla and others.
Some of the most fragrant bouquets made from several types of lillies including stargazer, starfighter, calla and others.
Other flowers may be selected based on availability such as various types of daisies.